By very nature, I am a tactile person, often drawn to the texture of leaves, or the smoothness of polished wood. 

Creating with fabric is something that I've resonated with since I was five years old, sitting with my mother learning to use her sewing machine. My humble attempts at dolls dresses and blankets were a thrill to me, though often times my ambitious ideas fell short due to my age and lack of skill. 

The love of fabric and sewing has stuck with me, and I now take great delight in creating tangible items that my family and friends can love, enjoy and use. And I love to share that delight in seeing sew-ists take my patterns and create their own unique items to be loved and cherished. 

Connecting with like minded quilters and fabric-lovers is a real joy, and we are so fortunate to have access to an online community where ideas, talent, and techniques are able to be shared.

If you'd like to connect with me - please email!