Fabric Storage Tips

Some may say she has too much fabric. Others may say she lacks mauves and lilacs and should buy more. 

Whatever 'they' may say, the fact of the matter is that storage is important when it comes to fabric. Particularly for a small house, and for the happiness of fellow housemates, such as your husband. 

I was lucky enough to have my Father in Law make a large wooden cubby hole shelf for me and my fabrics just as my husband and I married. I wonder if they were trying to hint at the fact that my previous storage solutions were not particularly successful? Or not really solutions at all?

Due to rather small size of our cottage, (my husband laughs when I call it a cottage. Envision a plastic clad house with years of add ons tacked on. My attempts to turn it into a cottage that holds charm and character seem endless and perhaps fruitless.) Anyway, because of the smaller size of our 'cottage' my fabric has to be stored in the main section of our house - i.e., the dining/kitchen/walkthrough/random junk area. So having the fabric neat and tidy is very important to prevent that feeling of clutter. And keep husbands/housemates happy. 

So here is how I organise my fabric.

I group ranges by designers that I particularly like, so Bonnie and Camille or Heather Ross for example. These collections are either colour coded or are just bundled all together on the same shelf.

I have a section for fabrics that are purely Fat Quarters in size, but aren't necessarily grouped by designer. I have larger and random pieces that are grouped on the lower shelves - these are items that are well over 1.5/2m+ in size. These are pieces that are ideal for borders or backings, or just fabrics that I really like and wanted to buy a lot of. You know, just incase I ran out.

I have two boxes that sit on the top of my shelf. These are for small scraps. One box is for smaller scraps, measuring 2-8" approximately in size. The second box is for larger scraps, such as 8-15" etc. Scraps that are larger than that, say F8 size, are folded and grouped according to colour. These sit in the top shelves. Fabrics that are larger than a F8, but not exceeding 1.5m (or give or take. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not that particular,) are grouped by colour and folded together into the middle section. I also have groups for low volume, floral or novelty fabrics. Some precuts also fill this shelf, as well as little fabric baskets that hold random things such as needles, elastic and buttons for example.  Then I have another cupboard with layer cakes, bolts of fabric and other pre cuts. 

So, that's how I sort and organise my collection of fabric. It makes me happy. And it makes our cottage quite bright and happy too. You know what they say... Happy wife, happy life.