A Sea of Scraps

There is something so satisfying and appealing about scrap quilts. 

I've long since admired many scrap quilts on Pinterest over the years, enjoying the simplicity of design, and the desire to use every.last.piece. 

I now specifically store my left over scrap fabrics for such a purpose - to use and savour each piece of fabric. 

Whilst I was pregnant with our second child, I went on a slight rampage of sorting my fabric and cutting hoards of it into small 2.5" squares. I think that 'nesting' habit kicked in with fabric, but not with cleaning the house! Needless to say, I ended up with a lot of 2.5" squares. (And an untidy house.) I just kept cutting and cutting, and it felt wonderful to save fabrics from the 'discard bin' for being too small for another project. 

And then I started sewing. I created a 16-patch block, by sewing four rows of four. In a haphazard-just-throw-it-all-together way. And then just kept on making them. And they kept piling up. Mind you - I finished sewing this entire quilt, measuring 80", whilst I was 40 weeks pregnant. Yup. 40 Weeks pregnant. Who does that? Apparently me. But I loved it. There was something so achievable about the task that made it so enticing for a heavily pregnant/unable to walk/waddle only/ woman.

That was nearly 2 years ago. I think the quilt deserves to be finished. In fact, now that I've dug it out of the box I cannot wait to have it finished. I want it on my bed. Now. To be enjoyed. And to see my little children explore each square of fabric. "Look mummy - an owl!" Because of course - every quilt needs an owl stealing some knickers off the washing line. 

So, this quilt, (and three others!!) are being packed up and sent off to my talented long arm quilting friend in Queensland. I'll be so excited to get them all back! 

But you know what? After two years, that scrap box is starting to overflow again. I think it's time to start another scrap quilt.