Everyone has a story...

I'm in the process of gathering ideas and thoughts regarding a compilation for the possibility of a future project. And I would appreciate your input at this preliminary stage. I can't entirely divulge what I am working on currently, but it's something I have been planning and hoping to achieve for a few years now. It's intended purpose, once it results in what I hope it will, is something that will encourage and inspire women in their crafting journey and their life in general. 

And in order to be encouraged and inspired, it's helpful to share and be real with one another. Women grow by the support, love and friendship of others. Of sharing our stories, and connecting on deeper levels. At the risk of sounding too 'airy-fairy, let's have a group hug' I really want to delve into your stories. Your experiences. Your memories. What has challenged you in your life? What's inspired you? Tell me a memory, a recipe, a moment in time that has moved you, Grown you. Made you laugh out so loud your stomach hurt. Your favourite quote or the best advice you ever received. 

If you can be so kind to take a few moments to think deeply, and to share freely in my survey link below, I'd be incredibly grateful. I am currently determining if my idea here is worth pursuing, so by your taking my survey, you are helping me to see the validity of my goal. 

Disclaimer: Your stories are safe with me. The intention of sharing these stories with me is to eventually share them with others, but I will not share them without your written permission and approval. This is a preliminary trial to see if my goal is possible. Feel free to only answer one question, or answer a few. The choice is yours. Be as brief or as through as you like. I will contact you for future permission and information as necessary. Whilst my original intention with this work is to encourage and equip women, if you are a man and you love sewing - please join in also!