Finished Block Size: 12"

Fabric requirements for one Dainty block: 

From the small cream floral (Fabric A) cut one 6 7/8" square and two 3 1/2" squares. Cut the 6 7/8" square in half on the diagonal to yield two triangles.

From the blue dot (Fabric B) cut two 4" squares.

From the pink dot (Fabric C) cut one 4" square.

From the White Dot Background cut three 4" squares, two 3 1/2" squares and two 3 7/8" squares. Cut the two 3 7/8" squares in half on the diagonal to yield four triangles.


1. To create the six Half Square Triangle (HST) units needed for the block, take two 4” squares of Fabric B, one 4" square of Fabric C, and three 4” white dot background squares. Take a Fabric B 4” square and lightly draw a line on the wrong side from one corner to the opposite corner. Place the Fabric B 4” square right sides facing with a Background 4” square. Using the diagram below as a guide, sew a ¼ seam on either side of the drawn diagonal line. Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut along the drawn lines. You should now have two HST units.


2. Repeat process with the remaining 4” squares till you have six HST units: four featuring Fabric B and Background Fabric and two featuring Fabric C and Background Fabric. Finger press the seam toward the darker of the two fabrics, and then press flat with a warm iron. Take care not to stretch the seam or fabric whilst ironing. Trim all HST units to an accurate 3½".

3. Sew a Background Fabric Triangle to the side of a Fabric C/Background Fabric HST Unit. Ensure you follow the block pictured above for correct fabric placement. Open out and press seam toward the HST unit. Repeat, and sew a second triangle to the adjacent side. Press well, and repeat process to create a second triangle corner unit. Sew a Fabric A large triangle to each of the triangle corner units to create two 6 1/2" squares. Press seams to the larger triangle. These units are called Part A and make up the top right and bottom left of your block.

4. Following the block diagram above for fabric placement, sew one 3 1/2" Background Square to the side of a Fabric B/Background Fabric HST unit. Press seam to the background fabric. Then sew one 3 1/2" Fabric A square to the other side of a Fabric B/Background Fabric HST unit. Press seam to Fabric A. Then sew the two strips together, locking in the central seam. Press well. Repeat process to create a second unit, ensuring the HST units are pointing correctly and fabric placement is as pictured above.  Press well. These units are called Part B and make up the top left and bottom right of your block.

5. Piece your block by sewing a Part B to a Part A, and then a Part A to a Part B. Press seams in alternate directions, then pin and sew the two rows together to create your block. As always, ensure the fabric placement is correct as pictured above. Press block well. 

To create a quilt as pictured.

Create a total of 16 blocks to make a 48" quilt, or create a total of 36 blocks to make a quilt measuring 72". Fabric requirements for a whole quilt will vary based on the finished size. 

For example, to create a 48" quilt, you will need a total of 35cm/12" of the Blue Dot Print, 25cm/8" of the Pink Dot Print, 85cm/34" of the Small Cream Floral, and 1m/39" of the White Dot Background Fabric. This excludes binding, backing or batting.


Pattern Copyright to Samantha Green/@fortheloveoffabric 2016.

Pattern is for personal use only and not to be reproduced in any way for further sale. 

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